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Prenatal Yoga & Birth Doula


Prenatal Yoga and Doula Support with Lindsay 

DOULA WORK - Lindsay‘s goal is to provide professional support so that you feel safe, comfortable, and educated during this transformative time in your life.  “As a doula it is my place to respect and honor your birth and postpartum wishes. I do not provide medical advice, or perform any procedures. Childbearing and birth is highly individualized; as such my job is to follow your preferences and provide care within my scope of practice. I do not make decisions for you and your partner, but I can provide resources for questions you may have.” - Lindsay 

She is currently accepting 5 clients from now until the end of 2019.  Schedule a consult or appoitmeant here!


YOGA - Prenatal and Postpartum classes are mindfully crafted to allow persons experiencing pregnancy, and postpartum to honor the changes that occur in the body during the child birthing years.  Each 8 week session includes information on birthing and parenting choices, joys, and challenges, but also a practical application of asanas and pranayama that many folks find supportive for labor, birth, and during recovery.  Suitable to any stage in gestation, 0-6 months postnatal, vaginal and belly births.  Props, modifications, and options are welcomed, as are feeding, changing, and attending to newborns.  Only at Metta Studios. Limited spots available.


Birth Photography


Tara Photography 






Postpartum Wellness


Small Batch Wellness

Wellness and Nourishment for the postpartum mother 

Blending her holistic nutrition studies and her studies of Ayurveda, TCM & folk herbalism, she feels that mothers need stronger support after having a baby.  The profound shift that happens when we grow our family often means that much of the attention transfers to the baby. Understandably!  However, it's critical for the mother and babies health to restore balance. 

Further, Meg believes support longer than the traditional 4th trimester/maternity leave to heal and nourish their new body and family. She feels that reclaiming this time and educating mothers and families about how to rebalance their new life must be at the forefront of our community. A food is medicine approach is taken and NOT a diet. This is NOT about getting back to your original dress size but about healing, nourishing and supporting this profound change. Rejecting the bounce back culture we have in the US, and working with mothers with her no-diet approach. 

Food services, and nutrition wisdom packages offered at multiple levels and a highly recommended gift for any mother expecting a time of healing and nourishment 


Do  you  have  a  wonderful  resource  for  women  and / or  growing  families?  I  would  love  to  hear  from  you!  

Please  contact  me  @  morgan.gaines@icloud.com

Curious about services not listed? I am happy to help! Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! 

Barre, Yoga and Community


The Daily Sweat 

Offering PRENATAL BARRE, PRENATAL YOGA, traditional yoga of all variations, barre, and a huge outpouring of love and community The Daily Sweat will leave you feeling strong, healthy and empowered. Morgan sneaks in to as many barre classes as she can here, finding the perfect niche of fitness and “girl tribe” she’s been looking for!

The Daily Sweat is focused on helping individuals and families find health, wellness and community. Their  team ensures that every person that walks through our doors feels welcomed, safe and inspired.