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Midwifery Care

Holistic, Integrative Care for Women. Prenatal, Home Birth, Postpartum and Well Woman Care.

Flourish Midwifery proudly offers true, single provider, individualized, continuity of care throughout your pregnancy until completion of care at 8 weeks postpartum in the privacy and intimacy of your own home. 

As well as lifetime, whole body holistic care for the well woman. 


  • Full, comprehensive, single provider prenatal care beginning at 8 weeks gestation 
  • Access to standard of care services like lab work, ultrasounds and medicinal remedies as needed 
  • Honest informed choice and autonomy 
  • Experienced attendance during homebirth & immediate postpartum and newborn care, always with a second midwife present
  • Postpartum care up to 8 weeks post partum
  • Second Midwife/Assist always available for your birth 
  • Whole body care for Well Women including but not limited to: Full Physical Exams, Teen Health, Pelvic Exams,  PAP collections, Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy Tests, Descreet STI Testing, Lab Panels, Menopause conseling and guidance, Resource Recommendations and more. 

About The Midwife

Morgan Gaines, CPM is a Certified Professional Midwife and graduate from MEAC Accredited Birthwise Midwifery School. After giving birth to her three children at a free standing birth center under the care of  midwives and serving over 200 women in a rigorous and extensive educational & clinical program, she is extremely proud to offer the option of midwifery care and homebirth to women in Seacoast Southern Maine & New Hampshire where her roots grow the deepest. She has worked alongside the area's most experienced midwives and has gained a deep respect for safe, responsible and sacred homebirth. She takes pride in carrying those same ethics with her to her local hometown and surrounding areas. 

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, taking in the ocean and playing with ponies. 

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Let's Chat!

Although the option of homebirth and holistic care is exciting, there are often many questions before deciding it's right for your family. It's also imperative to find a midwife who is an excellent fit for you and your support team. There is no better way to do so, than having an intimate conversation with your prospective midwife to discuss your options and get to know her! Please email to schedule a time to chat! 


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Please reserve inquiry and/or meet up calls for general business hours  (Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm). 


TARA Photography

http://www.taraphotography.com Tara offers birth and newborn photography. Her photos are exquisite and capture these short but beautiful moments perfectly! 

Bodies In Bloom

http://www.bodiesinbloom.com - For prenatal yoga, mother's groups, informational workshops & mom and baby yoga in a gorgeous setting as well as recommendations and resources for all things pregnancy and birth. They are also the most amazing team of doulas providing exceptional love and care for moms in labor and postpartum.


"Morgan is an amazing and loving midwife. We were lucky enough to have her catch not only one, but both of our babies!" ~SL 2016 

"Morgan comes highly recommended!"~LG 2016 

"Morgan is our no nonsense, down to earth, true to the core midwife. Any family expecting a baby would be blessed to be in her loving, safe and responsible care." ~ HF 2016 

Morgan exudes a sense of calming confidence. She made me feel powerful, and like I was in complete control of my body. Her deep, lower back massages helped ease the pain during each contraction, and her motivational words pushed me forward. Morgan caught our baby and placed him in our arms, and I would recommend her to any family! ~AN 2017

There is nowhere I am more comfortable and confident than in my own home. Birth is an excercise in letting go of control; but through home birth with my midwife, the environment and medical decisions feel more so my own. Having both of my babies in my space was such a peaceful and amazing experience. Morgan is a fantastic, stellar, wonderful woman to have at your side for birth - but I should also mention how she patiently and clearly explained all the choices and options during the thorough prenatal care, and how she checked in, supported, and cheered us on in the blissful, stressful, sleep deprived, magical, and critical post partum period. ~ SL 2017