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Midwifery Care

Holistic, Integrative, Compassionate; Prenatal, Home Birth, Postpartum and Whole Woman Care


Flourish Midwifery proudly offers true, single provider, individualized, continuity of care throughout your pregnancy until completion of care at  6-8  weeks postpartum in the privacy and intimacy of your space or mine. 

Flourish  also  finds  passion  in  continuing  midwifery  tradition  and  extends  care  to  women  of  all  ages,  offering  workshops  for  preteens,  care  for  teens  and  whole  body  care  for  women  in  the  childbearing  year  and  beyond .  




  • Full, comprehensive, single provider prenatal care beginning at 10-12  weeks gestation 
  • One  hour  long  prenatal  appointments  at  your  home  or  at  Flourish   to  allow  for  questions,  recommendations  and  relationship  building.   
  • Routine  Prenatal  Schedule ,  with  visits once  a  month  until  28  weeks,  every  two  weeks  until  36  weeks  and  weekly  until  your  baby  is  born. 
  • Access to standard of care services like lab work, ultrasounds and allopathic remedies as needed.
  • Honest and  thorough  informed decison education,   shared  choice  making  and  family  based  autonomy.
  • Experienced attendance during  your  home birth ,  immediate postpartum &  newborn care. 
  • Access  and  experience  using  methods,  medications  and  equipment   to  counter  postpartum  bleeding,  aid in dystocia ,  perineal repair,  neonatal  resuscitation and emergency  care.
  • A  dedicated  and  qualified birth assistant always available and on call for your birth. 
  • Postpartum  &  Newborn  Care  for  up  to  3  hours  after  birth,  at  1  day,  3  days,  1  week,  3  weeks  and  6  weeks  (more  or  less  as  desired ) .  With  optional  standard  of  care  newborn  testings  and  administrations  always  available!   
  • Life  long  relationship  and  availability  to  Your  midwife  as  part  of  the  Flourish  Family!!  



Morgan has a strong passion for true autonomy and traditional, holistic  midwifery care.  While  following  the  midwives  model  of  care,  she feels that  the pathway to safe, fearless and satisfying home birth is education, shared decision making and building a trusting relationship with your provider throughout the prenatal period. Morgan‘s care focuses on  compassionate,  traditional  “hands on your  belly “  prenatal  care,  thorough education  and  conversation  to help  guide your  family  in the decision making process during  your care.  Morgan believes  that  emersive,  competent and  kind  prenatal  care  helps  facilitate  the opportunity  for  safe  home  birth  where  her  intention  can  remain  as  the  guardian of  birth,  allowing  the  birthing  person  to  flourish  in  their  own  element  with  little  to  no  intervention.  She  wholeheartedly  believes  that  “midwives  have  skilled  hands  and  know  how  to  sit  on  them“   however,  as  safety for  you  and  your  baby  are  the  absolute  priority,  Morgan  maintains  licensure  in attending  states,  Maine  and  New  Hampshire ,  as  well  as  keeping  all  certifications  in  Neonatal  Resuscitation,  CPR  and  Basic  Life  Saving  practices  current .  She  takes  great  pride  in  keeping  her  knowledge  base  indepth  by  frequently  continuing  education  and  staying  up  to  date  on  new  perinatal,  birth  and  postpartum   information,  research  and  protocols .  

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Although the option of homebirth and holistic care is exciting, there are often many questions before deciding it's right for your family. It's also imperative to find a midwife who is an excellent fit for you and your support team. There is no better way to do so, than having an intimate conversation with your prospective midwife to discuss your options and get to know her! Please email to schedule a time to chat! 


153 Port Rd, Kennebunk Maine 04043

(207) 604-0943

Consults and follow up questions are always welcome and free!

Please reserve inquiry and/or meet up request  calls for general business hours  (Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm).   Emails  welcome  anytime!!  

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"Morgan is an amazing and loving midwife. We were lucky enough to have her catch not only one, but both of our babies!" ~SL 2016 

"Morgan comes highly recommended!"~LG 2016 

"Morgan is our no nonsense, down to earth, true to the core midwife. Any family expecting a baby would be blessed to be in her loving, safe and responsible care." ~ HF 2016 

Morgan exudes a sense of calming confidence. She made me feel powerful, and like I was in complete control of my body. Her deep, lower back massages helped ease the pain during each contraction, and her motivational words pushed me forward. Morgan caught our baby and placed him in our arms, and I would recommend her to any family! ~AN 2017

There is nowhere I am more comfortable and confident than in my own home. Birth is an excercise in letting go of control; but through home birth with my midwife, the environment and medical decisions feel more so my own. Having both of my babies in my space was such a peaceful and amazing experience. Morgan is a fantastic, stellar, wonderful woman to have at your side for birth - but I should also mention how she patiently and clearly explained all the choices and options during the thorough prenatal care, and how she checked in, supported, and cheered us on in the blissful, stressful, sleep deprived, magical, and critical post partum period. ~ SL 2017 

 I can’t say enough wonderful things about Morgan and her care for me during my pregnancy with my third baby girl and first baby born in America. She and I formed such a great relationship, we laughed, we joked and at the end there were tears of joy. She became part of our family and helped us deliver our baby girl to complete our family. She was caring, nurturing, empathetic, but also strong, knowledgeable, supportive and a million other things. She was such a rock during labour, she helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed (pressure on outer hips / pelvis during transition - amazing!) and helped me stay calm and enjoy my labour, such that even a few hours later I wanted to do it all again, it was magical and I truly miss her visits. At 6 weeks we said goodbye and I was terribly sad. If we weren’t now done at 3 babies, she would without doubt be called upon again to be my home birth midwife. ~ BH 2018 

*more praise can be found on the Flourish Facebook Page, under reviews!